Second Congregational Church, Derby CT
About Pator Larry

As a young boy growing up in Derby, Pastor Larry lived a half a block away from Second Congregational Church for 15 years. His mother brought him up as a Roman Catholic at St. Mary's of Derby just a few blocks up Elizabeth Street. Though he played in Second Congregation's yard, he never entered the church itself until the day he was asked to Pastor.

Performing all over the USA was awesome and so memorable, as Willie says, "on the road again, seeing places I may never see again". His mother and father were the reason he came came back to Connecticut, "I missed them and can say I had the greatest of relationships with both."

He was part of Grace Faith Assembly for over 16 years in Danbury CT, and was a deacon for over 10 of those years. He attended the Bethel Bible Collage they offered there. Bible Doctrine, Old Testament, New Testament, Counseling classes and attended bible studies there also before actually running the studies too. He states with a smile "I have been blessed to play and write music as a living. The day I gave my heart to Jesus was the first day I began singing, writing and worshiping Him leaving the life of performing to others.

I feel now that God wants me to use the music He gave me as another tool to bring praise and song to our church. It is who I am inside and its also who my wife is inside. Our music and our style fits so many ages of people so it is only natural that we use all the tools we have to lift Him up and help build our ministry. So many styles, so many types of music and in our church we want people to know what they will hear and sing along to."

From the steps of Second Congregational one can see the steeples of three other churches. Pastor Larry reminds us that all four churches worship the same God and Savior, Jesus Christ, but each have their own way of doing such, each pleasing God. Pastor Larry wants the joy and laughter that we experience inside the church to be heard out on the Derby Green as to attract those who pass by.