Second Congregational Church, Derby CT
About Doreen

Doreen is a woman who chose her children and God over the music without hesitation. She in many ways had to make a harder choice than so many because that choice wasn't simply about leaving a band or some stage. She sang for 3 years in Tennessee along side people such as Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette. She sang harmony for so so many other Nashville stars such as Randy Travis and could have so easily followed that dream. She chose her family and being the best mother she could be. It wasn't that big a surprise if you knew her for she was doing exactly as her mother had taught her. Her mom was her light and strength. She was beautiful, talented and strong always making sure her children never went without. Doreen was simply doing all her mom instilled inside her, Unselfish, always giving and never doubting her choice.

Though she lost everything in the flood of 2010 in Memphis Tennessee she did not fall into depression, instead she prayed to God for answers and help. God brought her here to Connecticut, placed our (hers and Larry Crasilli) hearts back together, and has given us a new and so wonderful a life. Our music is constant as we serve many parts of the ministry. Daily with her husband they perform at many nursing homes, assisted living facilities bringing people joy and memories that become as medicinal as the medicines they take for their life. Bringing a smile to someone lost or forgotten, a memory of a lost wife or husband or reminding them of those special places they once danced the night away are simply amazing.