Second Congregational Church of Derby, CT


One criticism that I hear about us Christians is that we see everything in black and white, we don’t appreciate shades of gray or color. That is simply not true…

Noah saw the beauty in the promise of God embodied in the rainbow.

Sometimes things are either it or not. When the wife wants white curtain in the dining room, red, blue and even beige is simply not going to do; they are not white! It’s just that simple.

Sin – Soul Candy???

This Halloween I plan on handing out small candies, but while the bag sits in the foyer I keep taking the 2 bite sized Nestle Crunch bars. I love the flavor and the quick sugar high. Within 15 minutes I am feeling the sugar low, and a craving for more.

The next candy bar tastes almost as good, the sugar high is almost as high and last almost as long. The next sugar low, well it’s lower and longer lasting.

Many of our sins are bite sized – a fib, a half truth … whatever. Maybe we take something home from the office that we should have bought at Wal-Mart. Romans_3:23 tells us “for all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God”.

Thus such sins usually do not phase us, we don’t do it for a high, we generally do such because it’s easier to grab a pen from work rather than buy a ten pack at Wal-Mart. If every time we do such a petty sin, we have a piece of candy, how much faster will our teeth fall out, how low would our sugar crash take us?

So what is doing the right thing like to our bodies?

In my opinion, like a nice steak meal. It takes longer and more effort to sit down and eat such, but the feeling after a steak dinner is a peaceful restful one, way different from a sugar low. Those little fibs or half truths have a way of coming back, much like cavities. The easiest way to cover one lie is with another, much like the first little candy makes one crave for yet another. So while it’s in our nature to grab that bite sized candy bar, lets try to walk past such and grab something more nutritious for both our bodies and soul!