Second Congregational Church of Derby, CT


If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways , then I will hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

People predict storms and earthquakes and hurricanes. They predict the future of our planet a thousand years to come. Each generation wants to be the one that predicts the future, to discover the truths of our world, to discover that one drop of water on a planet millions of miles away. Each generation wants to feel smarter than the last. Science is the study of change because each new discovery brings new and amazing things to study and explain. Science is never settled nor will it ever be as long as people continue to discover and they will.

Man has been predicting the end of times forever. When is Jesus coming back? This is the time they say, just look at the evil in the world. History is filled with such dark time that anyone wonders how we did indeed survive. Signs and wonders they tell us, and maybe they're right, but with each new prediction man fails. As long as we live, there will always be someone who wants to find the answer to life. Some churches actually preach on the end times, some have even predicted the time and date only to be laughed at and our God mocked and make fun of.

The bible tells us that the angels in Heaven who circle the throne and the angels who sit by His side, even those, do not know the day and time. That is good enough for me.

The similarity is this. In every case whether in science or in religion predicting such things causes one thing for sure, division between father and son, mother and daughter and friend and neighbor. Our country is being divided by a letter, either D or R. For some it does not matter how insane someone sounds as long as the letter fits. In religion it is the same to some. It doesn't matter what the Word of God says but what does my church say.

Spending our time worrying or arguing about warm and cold or when Jesus will return will do nothing to edify our God or our faith. God did not destroy Sodom because of sin, He destroyed it because of lack of good, lack of righteousness. Spending time predicting the future is a wonderful tool for the one who wants us defeated. As long as we are picking fights we are NOT working for Jesus, living our lives to please Him and giving Him a place to bless us. Let others spend their future in frustration trying to predict tomorrow. Let us remember that "this is the day the Lord has made and I will be glad and rejoice in it"

This is your day church. each and every one of us!! This is our time to let Him shine in us to others and to feel His love and blessing and His joy. Each new day brings new blessings, that is not a prediction but a promise from God. In times of trouble He will carry us and in times of blessings we will bless others through Him. Our land is being healed by our prayers, your lives are changing because of your love of God, our God the God of the Bible. Lets enjoy this journey together,,,,,,,,,,,,,

God Bless,,,,,,Pastor Larry