Second Congregational Church of Derby, CT


So, this week...........From the Pastor's Desk,

We all realize that change can sometimes be as unnerving as it can be exciting. The word change means something different is happening and that brings new and at times uncertain results. Dave, Chuck and Marilyn realized three years ago that change was needed for this church to continue and they took that leap of faith. They also knew that not every change was going to be as they wished it could be but they stood on their faith that they must trust in God to bring life into this ministry.

Slowly growth started to appear. new folks were walking through the door, people were clapping and people were singing. It started with friends just coming to support their friends the new Pastors, some visiting once in a while but different folks coming to see and hear the Word of God. As in any church others came and left never to return, others came every other week or once a month.

Then it seems as if God began to move, began to see the faith, began to see that we were not going to waver on His promises and we were not going to be discouraged. A family was being born at Second Congregational!!

The church got a new paint job outside and inside. We were blessed with a Spirit filled greeter to give a special hug to those coming in. They were making our church their home too!! Flowers were being planted outside. The gardens were becoming more and more beautiful so much so that people from the courthouse next door had to come over and express how nice it looked. Beautiful flowers ran up and down the stairs in wooden flowers cases made by our own members.

Its a huge start and its all with the grace of Jesus. Friends and family gather before church standing in the aisles laughing and sharing but whats even nicer is after the service is over. No one is in any hurry to leave. In some churches people watch the clock and are in their car almost before the last amen is spoken but not here!! Its simply awesome and to this Pastor so humbling.

With once started as a small coffee social once a month has turned into an amazing pot luck lunch special that not only feeds everyone but people leave with enough for supper too!! People tell us all the time just how amazing the food is and the love that is shared by everyone!!

Yes, Dave and chuck and Marilyn. First, thank you and please take a look and see how your prayers are being answered in so many ways. I pray that you continue to see the vision and feel in your hearts that you had something to do with this too!! Change is not easy but change was needed. Now we are on a journey to do more to be more and to continue to fill Second Congregation with more family and friends that will continue to bring their faith and help as we become that Beacon from inside out here in our home!!

God Bless,,,,,,,Pastor Larry