Second Congregational Church of Derby, CT


Beware of traps and snares:

Watching the wasp in the window sill I thought I really need to remove him from inside the house.  Although it did not look too lively I didn't want to take the chance and get stung.  I glanced away and suddenly heard this wizzing noise.  Looking again the wasp got caught in the spiders web.  Within seconds what may have looked like safety to the wasp lay a trap.  Soon the wasp was no more as the spider wove his web tightly around the wasp.  I thought how  we humans are so like that wasp trusting in earthly, human ways and thinking, only to find we have fallen for some ones deceit and lies.  Satan is father of lies, the deceiver.  I must remember to always go only to God for the answer.   Being on Gods side is because God is always right.